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Please read the notes below before you submit your registration.

To assist the team to prepare please provide accurate numbers. You will be issued with a coloured ID bracelets when your school registers on Saturday morning, so our events team can easily identify authorised people in the performers’ zone and back stage. Following each group’s performance a designated area will be provided for group photos. Please email if you have any queries about access into the performers’ zone.

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If YES, your music must be provided on a USB in an MP3 or MP4 format. Music needs to be with Sia Evalu after your school has registered on Saturday morning.


Performance is a maximum 15 minutes; this includes the entrance and exit (do not feel you need to fill the whole 15 mins).
To assist the Polyfest team, please provide as much information to support the group and your performance.

(e.g. chairs, box, table, mic)
Please note we cannot provide music instruments.

Run Script:
Please provide a rough run down of what is happening on stage to assist the sound desk and the Polyfest team of the performance. If music is via the sound system please note – “cue music track #”. Does not need specific details, a general outline to ensure you are keeping to time. Thank you.

Terms & Conditions


Stallholders agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions (General Rules) and points outlined in the following Stallholder Agreement:

1. Stallholders agree that photographs and film footage may be taken of them (and/or person/s in their charge) by authorised person/s of Canterbury Polyfest to be used by Canterbury Polyfest, free of charge, and for a non-specific period, nationally and internationally.

2. In the event of a natural disaster or anything out of the control of the festival organizers, Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & SpacPac Collective takes no responsibility for any loss or damage experienced by stallholders.

3. Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & the Spacpac Collective will not be held accountable for any action, loss or inconvenience caused by the decision to postpone or cancel the festival where it poses a threat or danger to those attending.

4. Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & the SpacPac Collective will not be responsible or held accountable for any loss of revenue, or shortfall of forecasted income by any stallholder.

5. Failure to agree or comply with the Terms and Conditions and Stallholder Agreement may jeopardise the stallholder from continuing to participate at the 2024 festival and future participation at Canterbury Polyfest (please refer to the Non-Compliance Process below).

Please read and sign our Code of Conduct with your registration.

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