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General Rules/Schedule/Health & Safety

School groups are expected to be registered at the registration table located at the left hand side of the stage from 830am and be in the allocated school performers’ area by 9am.

Please note that photos and video footage may be recorded throughout the event and may be used for future marketing purposes.

Post event, students will be expected to leave the venue within a reasonable timeframe, as arranged by their family and/or school. The teacher in charge will be contacted to uplift or arrange transport for any students remaining in the vicinity of the venue. Any costs will be the responsibility of the attending school.

1. Smoking, alcohol & drug free event
1.1. If at any time during the event an individual student or school group conduct inappropriate acts relating to smoking, alcohol or drugs may be subjected to a random bag check by authorised personnel and appropriate authorities will be

2. Appropriate behaviour (students & school helpers)
2.1. There is to be absolutely no ‘initiation/hazing’ before, during or after practices
2.2. Students are to uphold RESPECT and SHOW COURTESY for others throughout the day and to be mindful of other performers and public viewers.
2.3. Inappropriate and abusive language will not be tolerated.
2.4. No loitering – where individuals or groups are found to be loitering they will be given a warning by a SPACPAC team member (including authorised volunteers). Failure to adhere to the warning may result in actions as outlined under
section 4.2 of this document.

3. Facilities and personal belongings
3.1. Please be aware of the limited areas available in and around the performers’ tent. Please keep walk ways free at all times.
3.2. Please respect the property of others. Any lost property is to be handed into the Volunteers’ tent or to a member of the SPACPAC team members.
3.3. Lost property
3.3.1. Schools are to contact Sia Evalu ( within seven days of the event being held.
3.3.2. Any property left in the possession of the organisers at the end of the event will be disposed of.

4. Consequences
4.1. Any individual deemed as displaying outrageous or indecent behaviour will be requested to leave the site; failing to comply, the individual will be escorted off site and the school and/or appropriate authorities will be notified.
4.2. Should an individual fail to comply, the teacher in charge and student  leader(s) will be advised and the associated school will be withdrawn from the programme.
4.3. Where inappropriate behaviour has taken place by an individual, school management will be contacted as soon as practical. A restorative justice process will be undertaken with the individual, family, school and the SPACPAC Collective.
4.4. In all situations the event coordinator and SPACPAC Collective will discuss the situation and the decision will be final.

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