• The Stalls Manager reserves the right to decline any application.
  • All sites have no guarantee of viewing to any stage(s) activity and/or performance(s). The site map is an indication only and does not outline the specific stage area infrastructure that may or may not be built at the festival.
  • The Stalls Manager reserves the right to make changes to the site allocation, pricing structure, and general terms and conditions without notice. Where changes take direct effect, affected parties will be advised.
  • All stallholder site fees must be paid in full when registering online. Otherwise, your application will be cancelled.
  • Canterbury Polyfest has a strict ‘no-roaming’ policy. All marketing and selling must be done within the confines of your stall site only. This includes all activity, signage placement and distribution of handouts/information.
  • ALL giveaways MUST be discussed with the Stalls Manager.
  • Stallholders cannot sell food and crafts within the same stall site.
  • Stallholders must supply their own equipment at the festival e.g. marquees, tables and chairs. Festival organisers take no responsibility for the booking and/or delivery of hired equipment or damage caused by hired contractors.
  • Stallholders must inform the Stalls Manager if a company has been arranged to deliver equipment and/or erect marquees and brief external contractors on the rules, regulations, site access dates/times and limitations.
  • All stallholders must comply with rules around electrical safety. All electrical appliances are to be test tagged by a certified Electrician and all caravans/trailers/food trucks must have a current Electrical WOF.
  • All stallholders MUST provide hand sanitizer for customers.
  • All stallholders selling food/goods/services are encouraged to provide EFTPOS for cashless transactions. 
  • Stallholders selling food must abide by the Council’s hygiene regulations as an inspection by the Council may be done on your stall at any time. If stallholders do not meet requirements, they will be shut down.
  • No alcohol or tobacco products to be sold or consumed at the festival.
    No glass products, toy or replica weapons to be sold at the festival.
  • Stallholders may not on-sell their site to someone else for any reason.
  • No hawkers, street sellers, or buskers are permitted at Canterbury Polyfest. Unauthorised people will be removed from the festival.
  • Food stallholders selling drinks will need to ensure they are zero and/or low in sugar content. All energy drinks and non – diet fizzy drinks must not be sold. All drinks must be listed on the menu you submit to the Stalls Manager. Unauthorised drinks will be removed from the stall by the Stalls Manager/festival organisers during festival.
  • No gang insignia is to be worn or sold at the festival eg: no bandanas, embroidery or tattooing of gang signs or symbols. Unauthorised products will be removed from the stall by the Stalls Manager/festival organisers.
  • No competing brands of any sponsor may be sold, or brand images displayed on your site.



Stallholders agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions (General Rules) and points outlined in the following Stallholder Agreement:

1. Stallholders agree that photographs and film footage may be taken of them (and/or person/s in their charge) by authorised person/s of Canterbury Polyfest to be used by Canterbury Polyfest, free of charge, and for a non-specific period, nationally and internationally.

2. In the event of a natural disaster or anything out of the control of the festival organizers, Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & SpacPac Collective takes no responsibility for any loss or damage experienced by stallholders.

3. Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & the Spacpac Collective will not be held accountable for any action, loss or inconvenience caused by the decision to postpone or cancel the festival where it poses a threat or danger to those attending.

4. Canterbury Polyfest, NEED Trust & the SpacPac Collective will not be responsible or held accountable for any loss of revenue, or shortfall of forecasted income by any stallholder.

5. Failure to agree or comply with the Terms and Conditions and Stallholder Agreement may jeopardise the stallholder from continuing to participate at the 2024 festival and future participation at Canterbury Polyfest (please refer to the Non-Compliance Process below).



If a stallholder is found to be in breach of the Stallholder Terms and Conditions, the following steps will be taken:

Step 1: The Stalls Manager/festival organisers will give a verbal warning and where applicable, confiscate goods/ items.

Step 2: If non-compliance behaviour continues, the Stalls Manager/festival organisers will shut the site down for remainder of day.

Step 3: If non-compliance behaviour continues beyond initial shut down, the Stalls Manager/festival organisers will shut the site down for the entire festival.


Step 4: The Stalls Manager will consider a total ban on participating in future festivals.




  • NO FRIED FOOD - For the health & wellbeing of our Pasifika communities, stallholders are not permitted to sell any of the highlighted items above.  Which includes all ‘fizzy drinks’ or sugary/flavored drinks. You may sell bottled water, fresh juice or pasifika style fruit & coconut drinks. There will be free water taps provided onsite however, people may choose to buy a refillable water bottle from stall holders or BYO.  Any questions, please contact the Stall Coordinators.
  • NO PLASTIC – As a step towards helping the environment, stallholders are encouraged to use compostable service-ware, i.e. no plastic bags, no plastic food containers.  Contact details for suppliers are as follows:

  • CANCELLATION – In the event that Polyfest will be cancelled due to bad weather, a natural disaster, or any incident that compromises the safety of the public. NEED Trust will try its best to inform all our stakeholders ahead of time or at the earliest convenience. 
  • REFUNDS -There will be a full refund of stall fees should POLYFEST be cancelled due to bad/poor weather, natural disasters, or serious risk of health and safety to all (e.g. terror attack, coronavirus, measles etc).
  • TRADING -Your registration represents a single trading entity. You are not permitted to have another group/business/individual selling or trading under your registration or in your tent. This rule will be strictly monitored. Flouting this rule will result in us cancelling your Stall on the spot. 
  • Health and Safety Plan - All Stall Holders are to complete a Health and Safety Plan. Please be advised that Council regulations require all stalls that operate hazardous equipment i.e. gas cookers & BBQ’s, to have a safety plan in place.
  • Health Certificate & Business Licence - Commercial Food/Trade Stall Holders must have a Food & Hygiene Certificate and business license in order to operate a Stall at the event. Exemptions are made for Church, Schools, Youth and Sports Groups fundraising.


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